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Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table?

We did, too, until we took matters into our own hands. 

Juan “The Cookie Man” Ramirez, founder of Marcelita’s Cookies in Minneapolis had a lot of leads to manage. They were coming from a variety of sources including his website, networking events, and referrals, and business was good. Still he felt out of control managing his lead generation process. Because he didn’t have a well-defined process:

  • He was being more reactive than proactive
  • His productivity decreased  
  • His customer service needed improvement 
  • He was leaving money on the table

Take your business to the next level!

Juan decided to fix the management of his lead generation process. He sat down to map out his own workflow. He documented each step of his sales process, starting with a new lead and following it through different scenarios that made sense to his sales cycle. Then, he designed and implemented his custom workflow with Zoho One a market-leading CRM system. 

Then, as Juan demonstrated his newly CRM system to other business owners and professionals, they all shared the same frustration and challenges in implementing a system that is customized to their specific business requirements.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Juan saw an opportunity and realized that he had something other small and medium sized business needed: ZoomingSales CRM.

 Find out if ZoomingSales CRM is the right solution for you.

Custom Workflow

Designed for your own business

Zoho One

The Operating System for Business

CRM Developers

Business Process + Technical Expertise

Our Team

Juan Ramirez

CEO and Founder

Juan Ramirez founded ZoomingSales devoted to one purpose:
to help companies grow their business by improving their
sales, customer experience and integrated e-commerce order
management solutions. Juan, along with our business partner
Hold Marketing, has built a team of international business
executives and developers with deep experience in business
process and technical execution; the skills set central to
accelerated, successful business growth.

When looking for team members and business partners, Juan
selects talent that complements his own skill set to develop a
high-performance team.

Juan studied business at the University of Veracruz, Miami
University, and University of Minnesota. Prior to founding
ZoomingSales, Juan spent several years in the corporate world
with firms like IBM and GE as a sales executive. He also
founded Grupo Avance an international consulting firm, and
he and his wife Marcie launched delicious Marcelita’s Cookies
a gourmet corporate gifts with nationwide distribution.

Did you know? – Juan loves to run and has completed 22
marathons. He says that he is not too fast, but he can finish

Jaime Villareal

CEO - Hold Marketing

Jaime is the CEO of Hold Marketing and the leader of our
Business Partner team in the design, implementation and
support of all our CRM projects and engagements, including:

  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • E-Commerce & Order Management
  • ERP Custom Integration and others

In addition to leading our implementation team, Jaime also
performs sales and marketing activities with expertise in CRM
workflows, custom design and mapping, data analytics, and
project implementation helping customers to streamline their
sales process across various industries.

Hold Marketing team has completed over 200 customer
engagements ranging from CRM, Web Development, ERP
integrations and other technical implementations.

Jaime is a Finance graduate of the Monterrey Institute of
Technology, one of the best universities in Latin America and
the top-ranked business school in the region according to the

Did you know? – Jaime once traveled from Monterrey, Mexico
to Yellowstone National Park in a Harley, an almost 3,500 miles

Marifer Cruz

Design & Implementation Manager

Marifer is the lead of our technical design and implementation
team. She reviews and manages the execution of all our CRM
projects and engagements as well as supporting our sales team
with technical expertise.

In addition to CRM Lead Generation projects, Marifer has helped
many customers to streamline their processes by delivering system

  • Customer Service – Ticketing Systems
  • Marketing Automation – Visitors Journeys
  • Data Analytics – CEO Dashboards
  • E-Commerce – Order Management
  • ERP Custom – Integration and others

Her expertise also includes mapping customer requirements,
customizing workflows, translating business to systems
requirements, integration of Zoho apps and others.

Marifer holds a Chemical Engineer degree from the Monterrey
Institute of Technology, one of the best universities in Latin
America, and has also studied at the Technical University in
Hamburg, Germany.

Did you know? – Marifer and her twin brother have a tradition to
visit a new place every year. So far, they have traveled to Thailand,
Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Myanmar, Cambodia, Israel, Spain,
Jordan, Switzerland, Germany, and more to come.

German Kasten

Systems & Integration Manager

German oversees the technical integration of CRM systems. .

He provides technical and business expertise in the
development, modification and integration of systems and
subsystems used for applications like CRM, Customer Service,
Data Analytics, E-Commerce, Order Management and ERP
systems. He also supports our sales team with technical
expertise and evaluation of systems opportunities.

Integration is one of our customers’ top requirements and
German has implemented a variety of projects and technology

  • API, web service, server-based integrations
  • Data share and integration to ERP and manufacturing systems
  • CRM and SAP integration via API or custom programing
  • Web development, SQL data sharing and extraction
  • PHP, JavaScript, My SQL programming, and others
  • Zoho customization via Creator and Deluge functions, data sharing and reports creation

German holds a Systems Engineer degree from the University of
Monterrey, a private institution having bilateral educational
agreements with the University of California and other
universities in Spain, Italy, Belgium and London.

Larisa Vazquez

National Account Manager

  • Larisa, our National Account Manager, works with our customers
    to ensure that they are satisfied with the use of their CRM
    systems as well as helping to identify additional business
    requirements to grow their business.

    She also performs project management activities and collaborate
    with our technical team in the design and implementation of
    custom solutions.

    With a combination of business and technical expertise, Larisa
    has implemented CRM systems in a variety of industries like:

  • Financial Services
  • Electronics
  • Marketing Events
  • Logistics
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture

    Larisa holds a BS Advertising and Marketing Communications
    degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, one of the
    best universities in Latin America and the top-ranked business
    school in the region according to the Economist.

    Did you know? – Larisa once rode a camel for over 6 hours to go
    camping and sandboarding in the Sahara Desert!

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