What building a Custom Home has to do with CRM?

04/04/23 02:51 PM

Home Blueprint Design

Recently we had the unique opportunity to build a custom home. We had never done it before, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Our custom builder, Paul, guided us thru the process from design and planning the home to building it and moving in. Paul and his team kept the project going, and the result is a custom home designed for our current needs and into the future. We love it!

As Paul was building our home, I couldn’t help but compare the similarities between building a custom home and implementing a custom CRM system. There were many, but here is one that stood out the most.

Before Paul and his team ever picked up a hammer to drill a nail or frame a wall, he made sure that the blueprint and design of our home were layout and drawn to our needs. We revised them several times, the updates were approved and signed off by us, and it wasn’t until then that Paul picked up the hammer and started building our home.

CRM Workflow Design

That is exactly the approach we follow when implementing a custom CRM system for our customers. We consult to design their CRM workflow, jointly review it and update it to ensure that it meets their business requirements from Lead Generation to Opportunity Pipeline, and Customer Service. Then we ask our customers to confirm the workflow and approve it. That’s when we start the building process of creating the custom CRM fields, records and screens, interfaces, templates, notifications, CRM automation, reports, and others. It works!

We are Custom CRM Experts

Our Zoomingsales Team are experienced CRM business consultants, Zoho Partners, and CRM Developers. We serve mid-market companies with the design, implementation, and on-going support of their CRM system in any city in the USA.  

To learn more about the importance of creating your Custom Workflow, check Our CRM Approach page at https://www.zoomingsales.com/crm-approach                                

Juan The CRM Man