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​Your Custom CRM Workflow!

You’ve tried a CRM system before. Most likely a general CRM template. 

It was either too robust for your needs, or difficult to customize. 

Maybe it was even free. Regardless, it didn’t work for you. 

Chances are, it didn’t work because it was not aligned with your business requirements and unique workflow. Your CRM system is supposed to help you manage your customer relationships and all relevant data and information associated with them.

So, don’t you think it should understand your sales and customer lifecycle? 

We do. That’s why we take time with you to understand your specific business requirements and unique workflow before we even begin to think about implementing the software.

We First Identify 

​Your CRM Business Requirements

The very first step of our process is to sit down with you, identify your business requirements and dissect your lead generation cycle to better understand and create your unique workflow. 

♦ Who is your target market?

♦ What is the source of your leads?♦ Define your key leads profile
♦ How do you currently handle your leads?

♦ What works best, what doesn’t?

♦ Your short and long-term CRM objectives

Then, we work with you to understand:

  ♦ What sales and customer reports will be helpful to manage your business and why?

  ♦ What type of queries, data mining, and dashboards are needed to increase your productivity and customer service?

  ♦ What systems do you want to integrate into your CRM system (think email, invoicing, scheduling, marketing, etc.)? 

  ♦ What are your connectivity and mobile device requirements?

We install your CRM to run

​the way you run your business

Once we compile and analyze all your business requirements, we customize our market-leader CRM software specific to your workflow and the way you run your business.

But, wait! We’re not done yet.

We won’t just give you the software and wish you luck. We implement the required CRM modules to improve your business and provide training with on-going support to ensure your success.

 ♦ Custom fields and dependencies are designed and implemented

 ♦ Leads and Customer records are integrated into your CRM

 ♦ Final Test and User Acceptance is conducted

 ♦ All systems go!

                          Let's talk about your CRM Requirements

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